tirsdag den 10. december 2013

:-) nogle dage får man den slags mails (-:

  • hello from the Netherlands (scouting)‏

jenny robeson (jenny-robeson@live.nl)
To: skumfidus@hotmail.com
Picture of jenny robeson
 hey, Lærke Sørensen

i hear that you will have contact me let i introduce myself.

I'm Jenny i'm 16 years old and my hobbys are taekwondo and of course scouting :D
i have 1 sister and as pets i have 1 cat and 2 guinea pig
i live in Beilen al little town in north -east of holland.

i can send you many photo's of my in my scouting uniform if you like??

i hope year from you

Jenny Robeson

can you introduce your self?

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