søndag den 9. juni 2013

eller Are you hungry for mental stimulation?

 jeg ville have liket dig hvis jeg /gik/ på facebook

nu er jeg /her/ mine brede skuldre

People who have learned to organize their ideas into sequences or chains of logic can usually reason their way effectively through confused or complicated situations in the business of living.

synes du

There is no scoring system,

jeg er vokset en halv centimeter på ti år

so it's more important to think about thinking

jeg tænker

To the left of the Diamond is a Club.
To the right of the Heart is a Jack.

du er kort

If you answered that Tom is shorter than Harry, you've just shown your ability at a skill which psychologists call sequential thought

at være vild med

a Renaissance thinker
— a visionary who engages the big ideas of our time.

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